Remote control chandelier winch for small to medium chandeliers.


Suitable for all types of chandeliers and lighting including: pendant, chain suspended, surface mounted or theatre.


50kg Winch. - 10 Meter Cable Langth.

  • Max Safe Working Load: 50kg (110 Pounds) S.W.L.
  • Weight of Lift Unit: 8kg
  • This chandelier winch has a maximum lifting height of 10 metres.
  • Lifting Speed: 1.3 Metres per Minute
  • Slim Design Dimensions:  330mm x 330mm x 60mm
  • Rated Power: 4KW
  • Rated Current: 18A
  • Power Supply: 220V (110V option available – please contact us for further details)
  • This chandelier winch has a low power consumption of 120watts which means that the chandelier winch can generally be connected straight into the existing light wiring.
  • Supplied with remote control - The remote control system can be programmed to automatically stop at the lower limit for ease of operation.
  • The lamp wiring has 2 separate circuits to allow the chandelier lamps to be split across 2 circuits and switched separately.


Take a look at "Self Installation" section on how to fit a chandelier winch for more information on fitting a chandelier winch or request a installation quotation please contact us on 01277 899444 for your specific installation requirements.

Remote Control Chandelier Winch 50kg x 10 Meter Drop

SKU: CG50-10