Operation of Winch Hand Remote


The winch is operated via a simple two button remote.


To Operate:-

  • Fully extend the remote aerial.

  • Stand close to and point the remote at the winch,

  • Press and release the down button (the smaller of the two) to get the winch to come down.

  • Press and release either button to get the winch to stop.

  • Press the up button (the larger of the tow) to get the winch to go up.

Remote Operation Technique.

  • Use firm, short deliberate presses.

  • Do not repeatedly press buttons quickly. Leave three to five seconds between pressing buttons. The winch contains some sensitive switches which are not designed to be fired repeatedly; continued rapid usage may affect the long-term durability of the unit.


Power will not be supplied to the hanging fixture until the connector plate is in its fully raised position. When the connector plate is fully raised it will auto-stop and the safety locking pin will enable, to hold the weight of the hanging fixture, ensuring the wire rope is not under permanent strain.

Please Note: there is a built-in safety device which means that after the winch is powered up, it will only operate for 3 minutes either in the lifting or lowing mode. After the lapse of more than 3 minutes without the winch being operated, the safety device will prevent the winch form operating. 

Simply power off the electrical supply and power on again then press the remote control once more to activate the winch to lower or lift the fixture again.

How to re-program a new hand remote to the hoist:

  1. Switch on the power.

  2. Within 5 seconds, press "Up" and "Down" buttons for 8-10 seconds.

  3. Press "Down" button to see if the winch lowers your fixture.